Inno™ organizes data from student information systems, academics, test scores, etc. into one easy-to-use dashboard. Visualizations are completely tailored to each education leader’s need.


Our app makes strategic planning simple and easy to do. It helps you focus on what’s important and break down goals into shorter implementation cycles. In addition to the app, our customer success team supports you and your team to reach your goals.

Project Management

Inno™ also has the project management features you need to effectively manage your team’s actions and measure impact. With Inno™, you have one easy to use app to manage all of your projects and positively impact the people you serve.

Who We Empower

School Leaders

Our app helps school leaders and their leadership teams focus their time on what matters most: using data and strategy to effectively manage their organization toward positive student outcomes.

Network Leaders

Superintendents, charter authorizers, central office staff, and other leaders of networked communities use Inno™ to see data at a macro-level , and manage a portfolio of schools or key initiatives in their ecosystems.

Social Impact Leaders

Our app helps education board members and leaders of NGOs in the United States and abroad get the data they need so they can be more strategic and have an impact story to tell.

Innovare is...

“Helping us be more strategic about our work, track our impact, and work smarter.” – Carrie Irvin, CEO and Founder of Education Board Partners

“I think other K-12 administrators should work with Innovare because you know you are working with people who have the same values, they care about students, they care about outcomes, and they value the leader and the leader’s time”


School Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“We appreciate that all of the products we use – project trackers, surveys, rubrics – all roll up to show our overall impact. It had been a perennial challenge for us to track our impact in one location so we could monitor progress, easily share stories, understand lessons learned and review data easily.

We love the technology from Innovare, but what truly differentiates Innovare from other platforms is the thought partnership that comes along with it. We feel we have expanded our team with real expertise that supports our projects, challenges us and helps push our work further. They are true partners in our work.”


Nonprofit Executive, Education Board Partners

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Innovare (Latin):
To innovate, to reform, to change.

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