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"Principals, superintendents, and NGO leaders have tremendous power to impact the people they serve, but many are flying the plane without instruments, so to speak, because they don't have the data they need to make good decisions and drive continuous improvement. The people we work with know how to do their jobs, but they are being set up for failure; we want to make sure they are successful." - AJ DeLeón, CEO

Innovare’s mission is to support leaders of schools and organizations like you. With experience in ten states and more than 100 educational systems, our technology, called Inno™, can design information dashboards based on the unique needs of your school or organization. For school leaders, Inno™ will give you the necessary data to help guide your strategic plan at school, classroom, teacher and student levels, saving you time, money and worry. For leaders of organizations, Inno™ allows you to monitor your progress, allocate your budget efficiently, and easily tell your story of impact.

"We leverage technology for good; we turn pain points into gain points" - Fer DeLeón, Chief Product Officer

Training and ongoing service will ensure that, at the click of a mouse, you will have up-to-the-minute information to support your goals, helping you motivate teachers, answer board or parent questions, improve student assessments or apply for grants.

"Our work goes beyond the data; our app Inno™ saves our partners time, money and helps them reach their goals." - Nick Freeman, President

Innovare believes in you, your leadership, vision and the lives you change for the better. Let’s create a plan – together.

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Mexico City, Mexico

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76% of our clients are leaders of color

7 out of 10 of our
customers are female

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