Our Story

Our Story

Innovare was founded to harness the power of education management and good data to drive continuous improvement.


Innovare - Social Innovation Partners Inc. is founded by AJ DeLeón, Nick Freeman and Fernando DeLeón
Three leaders of color leave their jobs at Chicago Public Schools, the Gates Foundation and Google to support education and social impact leaders succeed.
Innovare achieves profitability
The team’s capital efficiency, strong sales, and rapid growth across the country leads to cash flow positive financials.



Innovare builds and releases
its data strategy app Inno™
After successfully selling its MVP for a year, Innovare launches its proprietary app, Inno™.
Innovare responds to the COVID-19 pandemic and supports leaders to reach their social impact goals
Innovare donates licenses to schools and launches a new version of its application to support nonprofit organizations during the pandemic.



Innovare becomes a Google for Education Partner
Inno™ is recognized for its seamless integration with all education-focused Google tools, making it easier for education leaders to make an impact in their communities.
Innovare's growth continues
Post pandemic, Innovare begins to scale by quadrupling the size of contracts, exceeding revenue targets, and hiring a diverse group of new team members.



We empower leaders of organizations in the education ecosystem with the technology, support, and community of peers they need to achieve a positive and sustainable impact on education and our society.


Innovare disrupts the status quo with
cutting-edge analytics, education management
and strategic planning technology, expert
support rooted in continuous improvement,
and through fostering collaboration among
leaders in education and all other social
impact-focused organizations.


We center human-centered design, equity, and collaboration in our work. We listen to our customers to design and iterate a platform that meets their needs, ensure our team and portfolio is diverse and representative of the genius in all communities, and we foster collaboration within our organization and with other organizations in education in order to achieve greater impact.

Social innovation is the active collaboration, role shifting, and idea exchange among the nonprofit, public, philanthropic, and private sectors that addresses systemic social issues to drive social progress. When leaders from multiple sectors come together for a clear purpose, sustainable change occurs. Our app is a partner of social innovation in education by supporting school and system level leaders achieve positive outcomes for students which are then shared with the for-profit and philanthropic organizations who fund their strategic plans.
We also support nonprofit organizations to gather and analyze the data they need to manage their programs and tell their stories of impact to their boards and funders, who are often composed of people from the private sector. In a nutshell, our technology effectively fosters cross-sector collaboration and ingenuity, building bridges among leaders of key organizations in our society, which is why we are social innovation partners.