Our Team

Our Team

Innovare is an education technology company built and powered by people who recognize that leaders in education are key levers of social change, and have dedicated their careers to learn from and help them succeed.
 Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another
John F. Kennedy
Co-Founder + CEO
A former educator, school improvement coach, data strategist in Chicago Public Schools, and consultant at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AJ is Innovare’s first founder and CEO. AJ was recognized as a 2016 National EPic alumnus of Education Pioneers, is an inaugural fellow of The Surge Institute, and is an admirer of the art of Frida Kahlo.
Co-Founder + CGO
A former engineer, Accenture product development consultant, and Google product development manager, Fer is a co-founder and serves as our Chief Growth Officer. Fer has been featured on Forbes for his Product School training and successful side hustle, is a loyal Mexican soccer fanatic, Education Pioneers alumnus, and proud Michigan Wolverine (go blue!).
Co-Founder + President
A private sector transplant, former data strategist in Chicago Public Schools, Education Pioneers & Surge Institute alumnus, and graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Program for Social Innovation Design, Nick is co-founder, President, sales, and social innovation leader. He is a self-proclaimed data geek, a great relationship-builder, and a proud Chicago native. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family, friends, and dog Pomegranate.
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Sasha has been an educator for over 20 years. She has held roles as a central office administrator, founding administrator at the first inclusive private school in NYC, adjunct college professor and educational consultant where Special Education, differentiated instruction and leadership have been high priorities. Sasha is excited to support leaders and continue to impact the lives of children in their educational journeys as the Chief of Staff to the CEO.
Full Stack Engineer
At Innovare, Cuauh leverages his passion for collaboration and learning into the world of software development where he builds products that will have a positive social impact on people who use them. Prior to joining Innovare, Cuauh was a teacher for a decade. In both roles, Cuauh is a staunch advocate for providing everyone access to a high-quality education.
Account Strategist
An active spokesperson for students with language-based learning differences, a social entrepreneur, a Bill & Melinda Gates Millenium Scholar, the founder of Dyslequity, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education in Education Entrepreneurship, Izer is an Account Strategist at Innovare. In his free time, he can be found working on impact-driven projects, hosting creative ideation sessions, and reading biographies about other entrepreneurs.
Marketing Manager
Linzy is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with a decade of experience managing across B2B/B2C sectors. With background consulting C-Level executives to navigate strategic planning, she is excited to support Innovare's mission and vision to empower educators to do what they do best. Linzy is also a dedicated volunteer and board member at non-profit organizations in the Boston metro with organizations that focus on sustainability and social justice.
Customer Success Manager
Nishi is an educational professional with over 15 years of experience. She is dedicated to designing an education system that affirms each educator and young person’s potential by leading the school to embrace improvement efforts through evidence, research, and inquiry cycles. As a former 9th grade success coach, she has worked with school administrators and team leads to holistically improve student outcomes and experiences. Nishi is energized to fulfill Innovare’s mission to positively impact our young people and communities by continuing to support school leaders.
Customer Success Manager
Kelly has dedicated himself to education for over 19 year as a teacher and school administrator in Technology and Admissions. Kelly believes firmly in education as a lever for positive change and is passionate about empowering teachers, learners, and families through innovative practices in technology and education. At Innovare, he is excited to partner with educators in the invaluable process of improving the lives of students and communities.
Customer Success Manager
Aria has been a passionate educator in public schools for nearly a decade. During her time working with New York City Public Schools in the Bronx, she was a teacher, instructional leader, data specialist, and the district data champion for the Superintendent Bronx District 11. Aria is excited to join the Innovare team and continue doing what she loves, empowering school leaders to implement strategic initiatives that genuinely improve student achievement and ensure equity in education.
Director of Operations
A graduate of Brown University, a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar, former Googler, and recent recipient of a Masters of Public Policy from UCLA, Diana is the Manager of Special Projects at Innovare. Originally from Chicago, Diana is a firm believer in the power of education to level the playing field. Her main passions include bridging the educational divide, diversity inclusion, and designing programs for social impact using technology.
Account Strategist
Adam has a diverse background - from education, non-profit, to private sectors. He began his career as a choir and drama teacher, later holding leadership roles in Business Development, Marketing and Fundraising. Adam holds an MBA (Social Impact Emphasis) from Loyola University, M.A. in Vocal Performance and B.A. in Music Education. Adam is thrilled to help Innovare thrive and empower leaders to use data for good and to create positive change in their communities.

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