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Innovare is empowering leaders in the education ecosystem with the essential tools they need to impact the people they serve. Our app Inno™ aggregates siloed data that education and NGO leaders have into one personalized dashboard, and then guides leadership teams to develop strategies, project manage key initiatives and measure impact in real-time. Inno™ is not just another dashboard; it combines data, strategy and project management into one intelligent tool and comes with dedicated support from experts who guide leaders to drive continuous improvement and achieve results. And now, our Innoverse™ community of changemakers connects diverse leaders to one another to share best practices, foster social innovation, and achieve collective impact.


Innovare disrupts the status quo by empowering education leaders with cutting edge-technology, expert support, and a global community of changemakers.


Our all-in-one data, strategy and project management app Inno™ and our community of changemakers, the Innoverse™, empowers education and NGO leaders to impact students and communities.

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Customer Success Manager

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