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Book a Meeting

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School Admin, School Super Admin, Educator, Portfolio Super Admin, Portfolio Admin, Portfolio Manager


We have made it easy to book a meeting with the Innovare Support Team! The Inno™ App now allows you to book a meeting with us without having to spend time emailing back and forth or coordinating calendars. Use this feature to set commitments on when you want to have your next meeting with us, or if you need assistance with the app. Please consult the Support Team to request information regarding in-person support hours.

Setting up a Meeting

  • Log into your Innovare app
  • Navigate to the support icon (?) on the top right side of your dashboard
Gif showing the first step of booking a meeting
Gif showing the second step of booking a meeting
  • After you click on the support icon a modal will pop up with a calendar 
  • You can select a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute meeting
  • Once you select a time, a confirmation page will appear
  • Please confirm the meeting by selecting the ‘confirm’ button. You will then receive an email invite with the meeting details


The times available are based on the schedules of the Support Team. If you need to have a meeting on a date that has no availability please contact your customer support representative at [email protected]

If you need more assistance please contact us at [email protected]

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