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How to

Create a Cycle

Who does this guide apply to?

School Admin, School Super Admin, Portfolio Super Admin, Portfolio Admin


To set up a cycle on the Innovare app you need to be one of the following roles: School Admin, School Super Admin, Portfolio Admin, or Portfolio Super Admin. To check if you have one of these roles follow these steps:
Log into your Innovare app → go to the “Users” page (left side of the screen) → locate your name → look at the “Role” column to identify the type of user you are
Gif showing the login process and finding your role

If you do not have the option to navigate to the “Users” page then you do not have one of the roles listed above. If you need to change your user type to allow for goal creation contact your Innovare Support Team to request a permissions change.

Setting up a Cycle

  • Log into your Innovare app
  • Navigate to the Goals page
  • Once in the Goals page identify a Goal in which you want to create a Cycle. You can create a cycle for that goal by selecting the cycles tab.
  • Once you have selected the cycles tab you can create a new cycle by selecting the “Create Cycle” button
Gif showing the first step of creating a cycle in the Innovare app
Gif showing the second step of creating a cycle
  • The cycle modal will appear
  • Fill out the information about the cycle
    • Budget: The budget section will be displayed on each cycle under the cycle’s budget tab. The funds for each cycle will be aggregated in the summary of the goal.
    • Additional Funds: If there are additional planned funds that this cycle will use (e.g. fundraising) insert those funds into this section.
  • Once complete you can submit a cycle for review or save as a draft.
Gif showing the last step of creating a cycle


You will not be able to submit a cycle for review unless the goal has been approved. Approved goals are marked “In Progress” or “Pending”

If you need more assistance please contact us at [email protected]

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