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How to

Create a Goal

Who does this guide apply to?

School Admin, School Super Admin, Portfolio Super Admin, Portfolio Admin


To set up a goal on Inno™ you need to be one of the following roles: School Admin, School Super Admin, Portfolio Admin, or Portfolio Super Admin. To check the role you’re currently assigned to, follow these steps:
Log into your Innovare app → go to the “Users” page (left side of the screen) → locate your name → look at the “Role” column to identify the role that you’ve been assigned
Gif showing the login process and finding your role

If you do not have the option to navigate to the “Users” page then you aren’t currently assigned one of the roles listed above. If you need to change your role to allow for goal creation, contact the Innovare Support Team to request a permissions change.

Setting up a Goal

There are two ways to create a goal. You can either select the + sign directly from the Dashboard page or by selecting “Create Goal” in the Goals page. Creating goals directly from the Dashboard page will allow you to set up goals while viewing your school data.
  • Log into your Innovare app
  • Select the + sign on the right side of the dashboard page
Gif showing how to create a goal from the dashboard tab
  • Navigate to the Goals tab
  • Once in the Goals page you will be able to create a new goal by clicking on the button located at the very bottom of the page
Gif showing how to get to the goal creation module
Gif showing the second step of creating a goal.
  • Once you have selected the “Create Goal” or if you selected the + sign from the dashboard you will be prompted to complete the following questions

What areas do you feel
are your strengths?

Tip: Answer this question as it pertains to the goal you want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to improve your teacher retention rate then you can say that good communication exists between you and your staff.

What areas do you feel
need improvement?

Tip: Similarly to the question regarding strengths, answer this question as it relates to the goal you’re creating. What areas of improvement are needed to achieve this goal?

  • After completing the questions press the “Next” button. You will see the goal template pop up
  • Here you can complete the goal as it pertains to what you want to measure and achieve
  • Once the goal has been completed you can submit the goal for approval or save as a draft
Gif showing the last step of creating a goal


If there is a standard or a metric that you want to use and it is not currently available please contact the Innovare Support Team so we can include it for you

If you need more assistance please contact us at [email protected]

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