As a social enterprise, Innovare wants to ensure that schools and NGOs have the resources they need to continue positively impacting their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a limited time only, organizations can apply for a free Inno license.

Innovare Playbook

Fragmented data is organized into one intelligible,
custom dashboard, allowing leaders to view their
organization's most important information at a glance.
Then, inspired by the renowned OKR
process, used by Google and others, Inno
guides you to develop a strategic plan
and break your long-term goals into
short cycles of implementation
Assign tasks to your team, set
deadlines and allocate funding with
Inno's project management features.
Simpler Data Management
Smarter Strategies
All-In-One Project Management


Is the license really free - are there any requirements or is there any cost associated with the program?
There are no hidden costs or requirements, you will receive an Innovare license completely free of charge!
Who is eligible for a free license?
Schools, districts, and nonprofit organizations from the US or Latin America.
When is the deadline to apply?
June 12th, 2020
How long does the free license last?
Your free license will expire 90 days after signup, with an option to renew at our standard rates.
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