Empower Your Data-Driven

Leadership and Strategic Planning

with Innovare + CEC

Build your Leadership Team’s capacity for...

  • Strategy Design
  • Data driven Strategy Implementation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Impact Reporting

Utilize your IL-Empower Funds to design and implement Continuous Improvement strategies with support from the dynamic duo: Consortium of Educational Change (CEC) and Innovare. Together we support establishing conditions for continuous improvement necessary to drive sustainable impact in your school and community.

Partners In Continuous Improvement

CEC’s leadership frameworks and expertise in Continuous Improvement implemented through Innovare's data and strategic planning app provide a seamless suite of innovative, improvement-oriented technology. This will enable your team to build effective and enduring strategies that will positively impact your students and school community.

Leadership Team Capacity
CEC provides frameworks and thought partnership to manage change and drive innovation. By turning commitments into ongoing collective action, CEC will empower your team to work together to set and carry out organizational priorities.

Effectively progress monitor and increase transparency through distributive leadership using Inno™ Strategy to implement these frameworks.

Data Analysis
Inno™ Data provides the tools to aggregate siloed, and disparate data systems into insightful triangulated dashboards; empowering school leadership teams to drive equity through data and measure real-time impact.

In thought partnership with CEC, use data to effectively and efficiently measure impact, progress monitor, and report results.

Strategy Implementation
Inno™ Strategy provides a platform to bring improvement strategies to life through goal alignment and learning cycle documentation, distributive leadership and goal ownership, and impact reporting.

CEC provides frameworks and coaching to expand your team's capacity to operationalize your strategic vision. These frameworks enable leadership to reach better, more equitable outcomes and facilitate systemic change.

Innovare empowers leaders in education to make data-driven decisions that positively impact students and communities.
  • Demystify Data
  • Triangulate Metrics
  • Operationalize Strategy
  • Progress Monitor Goals
CEC effectively creates long-term transformation in schools and districts by focusing on collaboration and capacity building.
  • Effectively diagnose strengths and needs
  • Set direction for their work
  • Choose the appropriate targeted supports

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