Our app Inno™ empowers education leaders
to make data-driven decisions that positively
impact students and communities.

The Innovation that Leaders in Education need to...

Lead Social Impact
Triangulate Siloed Data
Demystify Data & Strategic Plans
Share your Impact Story through Data
Network with other Education Changemakers
Improve Outcomes through Data-Driven Decisions

Unified Data

Data-Driven Strategy

Educational Impact

Changemakers in Education

Inno™ Data provides the tools to aggregate siloed and disparate data systems into insightful triangulated dashboards, empowering school leadership teams to drive equity through data and measure real-time impact.

Inno™ Strategy provides a platform to bring improvement strategies to life through goal alignment and learning cycle documentation, distributive leadership and goal ownership, and impact reporting.

Together, Inno™ Data & Strategy plus educator-led Customer Success and Data Analytics team provide a seamless platform for innovatively analyzing data, implementing sustainable improvement strategies, and telling your impact story.

What our partners are saying

“Innovare is the data company I’ve been looking for the last 20 years! They provide the responsiveness and customization you normally get from a data team, for the cost of less than one person.”

Valerie Braimah
Senior Associate Partner
New Schools Venture Fund

“Innovare helps to link effort to impact. It also creates transparency in the work and gives team members the opportunity to share problems of practice and solutions.”

LeeAndra Jamison
Executive Director
EPIC Academy, Chicago, IL

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