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Product Release Notes

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This document explains the updates and bug fixes that have been implemented to the Innovare app on a monthly basis. Our partner’s satisfaction is of essence to us and we strive to incorporate their feedback on each update.

June 1st, 2020

New Features

  • Sign up flow
    • Sign up and register for a trial license through our website
    • Sample goals, cycles, actions, dashboards, milestones after signup
    • A new welcome tour for new users
    • Terms and conditions review flow
  • Sign-in with your google account
  • A free strategic plan template for back to school planning with preset goals, cycles, and actions aligned to best practices that can be modified and personalized for schools
  • Eliminated requirement to populate the Standard field when creating goals
  • New end user permissions
    • Ability to embed dashboards from Tableau, Power BI, Google data studio and sheets, and any other 3rd party analytics tool that provides embedding URLs
    • Ability to delete embedded dashboards, actions, cycles, goals, and milestones
    • Educator and Portfolio Manager roles are now able to manage all aspects of actions and milestones assigned to them, except for the delete permission
  • Updated how-to document design
  • New how-to documentation on embedding charts

Bug Fixes

  • Daily notification emails with 0 notifications being erroneously sent out
  • Email template updates
  • Permission bug fixes ensuring roles are consistent across all pages
  • Prevent unexpected closure of modals and loss of data when clicking outside of it
  • Cycle titles are now visible through the actions page and in the drop downs and drawers
  • Display a message for portfolio users when no portfolio connections exist

January-April 2020

New Features

  • Book a meeting with our support team from the My Account page
  • Support drawer with direct links to our how-to guides and best practices hosted on our website
  • Ability to submit referrals

Bug Fixes

  • Assessment scores not showing up if taken prior to year 2020

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