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Product Release Notes

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This document explains the updates and bug fixes that have been implemented to the Innovare app on a monthly basis. Our partner's satisfaction is of essence to us and we strive to incorporate their feedback on each update.

September, 2020

New Features

  • The home page now contains the Back to School playbook to share our collection of best practices with all users to help them support students, teachers, and parents during the pandemic
  • We added an interest form to learn more about your interests to personalize your experience in the app
  • We integrated Miro, which has virtual boards for group collaboration and brainstorming.  Your team will be able to go from ideas to defining tangible goals, all within the Inno app
  • When users create an account for an organization that already exists, the account managers of the existing account receive an email notification.  The account managers can then add the user to the team

August, 2020

New Feature

  • We're adding an interest form to learn more about your interests to personalize your experience in the app. 
  • Soon we will be integrating Miro, which has virtual boards for group collaboration and brainstorming work.  Your team will be able to go from ideas to defining tangible goals, all within the Inno app.

Bug Fixes

  • Actions now automatically change status from "in-progress" from "pending start date" as soon as the start date is greater than or equal to the current date
  • Actions that are off track now get included in daily email reminders

July, 2020

New Features

  • We provided users with more control to manage their organization’s onboarding and improved administration user experience. Users with the account manager permission have a new Settings page where they can manage their organization’s subscription and team members
    • Note: There can be more than one account manager per organization
  • Subscriptions
    • Account managers are able to purchase and manage their organization’s Inno™ subscription
  • Team
    • Users with the school super admin and portfolio super admin roles are able to add, edit, and deactivate users
  • Seat Counter
    • A new seat counter is available to help you track the number of seats used
  • Additional Users
    • Account managers are able to purchase additional user seats

Bug Fixes

  • Renamed the “Admin Panel” side menu option to “Manage Assessments” for school super admins and portfolio super admins

June, 2020

New Features

  • Sign up flow
    • Sign up and register for a trial license through our website
    • Sample goals, cycles, actions, dashboards, milestones after signup
    • A new welcome tour for new users
    • Terms and conditions review flow
  • Sign-in with your google account
  • A free strategic plan template for back to school planning with preset goals, cycles, and actions aligned to best practices that can be modified and personalized for schools
  • Eliminated requirement to populate the Standard field when creating goals
  • New end user permissions
    • Ability to embed dashboards from Tableau, Power BI, Google data studio and sheets, and any other 3rd party analytics tool that provides embedding URLs
    • Ability to delete embedded dashboards, actions, cycles, goals, and milestones
    • Educator and Portfolio Manager roles are now able to manage all aspects of actions and milestones assigned to them, except for the delete permission
  • Updated how-to document design
  • New how-to documentation on embedding charts

Bug Fixes

  • Daily notification emails with 0 notifications being erroneously sent out
  • Email template updates
  • Permission bug fixes ensuring roles are consistent across all pages
  • Prevent unexpected closure of modals and loss of data when clicking outside of it
  • Cycle titles are now visible through the actions page and in the drop downs and drawers
  • Display a message for portfolio users when no portfolio connections exist

January-April 2020

New Features

  • Book a meeting with our support team from the My Account page
  • Support drawer with direct links to our how-to guides and best practices hosted on our website
  • Ability to submit referrals

Bug Fixes

  • Assessment scores not showing up if taken prior to year 2020

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