Build Your Continuous Improvement Culture, Your Way!

Inno™ is the only education tool you need to set goals, manage your team, and progress monitor your strategic plan in order to impact students and communities.

A faster way to develop a strategic plan for every type of goal

Integrated best practices for academic, social-emotional, and organizational goals that can be dragged and dropped into your plan. Each best practice has rubrics and look-fors so your team can implement it with fidelity.

Improve your team systems and structures to distribute your leadership

Create a highly effective team with education tools like integrated meeting agendas, online white boards, self-assessments, and notifications of key events.

More frequent progress monitoring of your plan to reach goals

Stay consistently on track using Inno™’s built-in implementation cycles and personalized dashboards to reach your desired outcomes

Manage an entire network of schools or non-profits

Keep your pulse on who is on track to meet their goals and who needs more targeted support

Inno™ Features

  1. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals
  2. Personalize cycle lengths
  3. Drag and drop from the best practices library
  4. Collaborate remotely with Miro whiteboard integration
  1. Analyze progress with native dashboards
  2. Embed dashboards from 3rd party tools
  3. Receive email and in-app notifications
  4. Automated impact reports
Team Systems
and Structures
  1. Assign actions to team members and collaborators
  2. Integrate meeting agendas
  3. Self-assess using our rubrics library
  1. Access all strategic plans in the network
  2. Access all embedded dashboards in the network
  3. Aggregate and filter data across the network

It Yourself

See how our continuous improvement experts onboard new customers with a unique approach towards success
Collaboration with the Innovare dream team has been a breath of fresh air for us, and one that feels like the type of partnership we always aspire to build. Innovare has leveraged its expertise to ask probing questions, deeply understand our model and the metrics that help share our story of impact, and thoughtfully listen as we develop our approach to rich data collection and analysis as a young and growing organization. We are so grateful for the backbone, infrastructure, flexibility, and rigorous strategic planning support they continuously provide. I'm very excited to see what we achieve collectively because of this relationship.
Janene Ingram
Executive Director promoted from Program Director Wood Family Foundation, Chicago, IL