Spend More Time With Your Stakeholders

We do the heavy lifting integrating data, building dashboards, and supporting your team so you can spend more time thinking strategically, managing priorities, and celebrating positive outcomes within your organization and beyond.
Our team takes pride in learning about your goals and challenges, and we focus on building a trustworthy relationship with you and your team.
Understanding YOU & YOUR plan
We gain a deep understanding of your needs, goals, data sources, and existing systems through our initial needs assessment.  We are a thought partner in identifying the right metrics, targets, and activities to document in your strategic plan.
Your data, your way
No more chasing after your fragmented data or spending hours attempting to decode the information you need to access right away. We unify your data and customize your visualizations to meet your needs.
Beyond the data
You now have the tools for a smarter strategy and cutting edge progress monitoring capabilities. Track your progress in real-time across teams and effortlessly share your story of impact.
Welcome to our
Changemaker community!
Attend capacity-building events, access a network of social impact leaders, continuous improvement experts, updates on best practices and how-to's, and be celebrated like the rockstar you are!
Thought partnership on strategic priorities
  • Provide feedback on your strategic plan or help you craft it
  • Help you align to the accountability system in which you operate while balancing academic, social-emotional, and other organizational goals
  • Share rubrics, playbooks, and other resources to ensure confidence in your plan
Insightful personalized
  • Co-design multi-level visualizations that are intuitive for your team
  • Organize, clean, and integrate data from multiple systems to monitor progress towards your goals
Build team capacity and showcase your results
  • Train your team on Inno™ strategic plans and data visualizations
  • Integrate sustainable team and meeting structures into existing processes
  • Check-in meetings throughout the year to ensure fidelity of implementation and adoption across your teams
  • Opportunities to present your results to our entire user community to share best practices and lessons learned

Distribute Your
Leadership Now

Take the first step by meeting with our team!
In addition to in-app support content, email support, and live chat support, we check-in regularly with the leader and key team members to understand challenges and work together to reach the outcomes expected.