4 Small Ways that Education Dashboards Make a Big Difference

Apr 25, 2022

4 Small Ways that Education Dashboards Make a Big Difference

Modern education technology tools are scattered across multiple systems, programs, and suites. When teachers are in higher demand than ever, the time it takes them to learn and switch between all these tools delays training and distracts them from what’s most important — their students. Inno™️ enables school leaders to direct their attention back where it matters most.

It’s Time to Unify
Inno™️ is the latest innovation in programs that combine multiple systems into one, which are more necessary than ever to accommodate the sheer volume of data generated by modern education systems. Education Dashboards allow you to:

Put Everything in One Place
Innovative data dashboards collect information about students, grades, discipline, budgets, attendance, and more into a single unified collection that’s easy to filter, sort, display, adjust, and update in real-time.

Instead of getting information from the top through meetings, reports, and emails, anyone can access vital information from their login and see it all. Getting everyone on the same page is more critical than ever in the era of remote schooling, and word-of-mouth is no longer sufficient to spread new goals.

Allowing educators to see the impact of their efforts for themselves and recognize the best places to improve empowers them to act of their own volition, rather than waiting for you to tell them what to do.

Save Time on Education Management
A unified dashboard that puts everything in one place saves time to focus on what’s important — long-term planning. The administration doesn’t hire educational leaders to sort through spreadsheets and read reports but to guide their school systems to a better future.

Improve Online Connections
As it expanded to enormous levels during the pandemic, remote learning through the internet is here to stay for many. Automated information collection that updates within seconds of its collection overcomes the disconnections between educators that remote learning can create.

The revolution in cloud storage allows administration and educators to access this data from anywhere — at home, at work, or in the field — making collaboration easier than ever before. A cloud-based dashboard frees education management personnel from the office and empowers them to visit the sites they manage.

Focus on What’s Important
We live in a digital age, and we should let computers do the hard work. A single dashboard automatically collates data from every aspect of the school district and beyond and can alert you to the categories that require the most attention.

Instead of brainstorming solutions during meetings after just learning about an issue, education management teams can open with a plan in mind, having been notified hours or days before.

Administration can and should do far more than basic paperwork and data entry. A single dashboard not only does the hard work for you, but it prevents redundancy — gradebooks and attendance sheets no longer have to be recorded separately and then combined.

Budgets for transportation, payroll, supplies, and infrastructure don’t have to be combined in your head alone.

When everything is combined in a single dashboard, you can spend less time searching for trends and gathering information in meetings and more time proactively preparing for the future in the manner that’s best for your students. Start the process by contacting Innovare – your partners in social innovation.

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