5 Education Goals To Work Toward In The New School Year

May 27, 2022

5 Education Goals To Work Toward In The New School Year

Administrators and education leaders are tasked with creating overarching goals for the institutions, staff, and students under their guidance. The right data dashboard for schools allows for better visibility, communication, and planning — and can help you set meaningful goals, too. Here are four additional goals that should be on your radar heading into the new school year.

1. Implement Innovative Technologies Like a Data Dashboard for Schools

Setting goals is made easier with the right technological tools. With the help of the Inno™ app, you can easily tap into everything you need in one convenient location: from our integrated data dashboard to a driver diagram framework, which helps you create winning strategies with organizational planning to achieve complex goals.

2. Create a Climate of Equity

Innovare is committed to creating forward-thinking tools that provide educational leaders with a diverse range of information drawn from typically siloed sources. It also embraces the importance of distributive leadership with tools like integrated meeting agendas, online whiteboards, self-assessments, and more. The result is a whole new level of accessibility that empowers administrators to make data-driven decisions to improve equity and opportunities for every student.

3. Focus on Safety and Wellness

Educational bodies face many challenges when it comes to the safety and wellness of students and staff. Concerns over violence, the spread of disease, diversity and tolerance, and mental health are relevant and pressing topics for modern students, educators, and leadership, in addition to the everyday challenges of academia.

The goal of improving safety and wellness to better facilitate learning is a multifaceted challenge but a critical one in the current environment.

4. Create a Collaborative Environment for Staff

Effectively supporting teachers requires a collaborative environment, one in which the flow of information goes both ways. Innovare delivers tools that not only keep teachers in the loop but that ensure open lines of communication — allowing for transparency, education progress monitoring, and opportunities to address challenges.

Leadership is about more than just relaying goals and milestones to staff. It’s about listening to their input and encouraging group collaboration in order to make the best decisions for everyone. In this way, you can ensure a collaborative environment where teachers are included, recognized, and supported in meaningful ways.

5. Effectively Manage Resources

Education leaders are tasked with managing a range of resources, including fiscal, material, and human. A key educational goal at the beginning of any school year is to balance expenditures to ensure that resources are used effectively and efficiently to curb waste.

Innovare offers tools that help you reach all of your educational goals. Join us in June for the National Charter Schools Conference to learn more about the key steps needed to successfully wrap up the 2022 school year — and be sure to register for our National Charter School Conference Happy Hour to connect with your fellow charter school leaders while you’re there!

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