5 Goal Setting Tips for 2023 for School Board Members

Jul 15, 2022

5 Goal Setting Tips for 2023 for School Board Members

School leaders must constantly make decisions that impact not only their students but also the general public. This makes it essential for them to create policies that address the real needs of their communities.

But with data-driven solutions to guide their decision-making process, school board members can determine the most practical solutions to many pressing concerns.

Leveraging Data for Schools to Reach Their Goals

Improving student outcomes requires continuous access to performance metrics and knowledge of which data points are most important for long-term success. When leaders have access to the right tools and knowledge, they can build support for their communities and create positive change.

InnoTM is a powerful education intelligence platform from Innovare that makes strategic planning for education simple. Its integrated data management system provides schools with an effective solution for setting and reaching their goals.

Here are some goal-setting tips to help you build policies that improve student achievement across all metrics.

1.  Have a Clear Vision

No matter what your school’s goals are, you need to have a roadmap for how to get there. This is essential for motivating others to follow.

The unique features InnoTM provides are all you need to collect and measure progress and other valuable metrics. By leveraging student and school data, you’ll have access to better insights and ongoing trends so you can focus on what’s important.

2.  Stay Organized

When determining what goals you want to achieve and how to get there, it’s important to stay on track. After all, it’s easy to lose focus due to ongoing problems and increased complexity. To further complicate things, school board members must oversee districts that include multiple schools, not just one school.

But with a centralized platform for managing important data, school board members can determine which areas students are doing well in and which need more attention. InnoTM provides education dashboards for users to track and manage progress towards their goals.

3.  Build Relationships

Students seldom succeed in isolation. For school board members, this means understanding the importance of building relationships across all stakeholders.

For schools to reach their goals, it’s necessary to create partnerships and teams that help each other succeed. The education tools available in InnoTM allow decision-makers to distribute their leadership across systems, making it easy for teams to set agendas and follow up on deadlines.

4.  Focus on Accessibility

While goal setting is important, it’s equally important for everyone to be involved. Systems and processes that leave people out of the loop make it difficult for schools to build transformative change.

Accessibility is key when working to reach your goals. InnoTM offers the ability to manage users across the entire network so they can stay on track to complete their stated objectives.

5.  Create New Opportunities

With the right student data, schools can achieve their goals, leaving fresh opportunities for new goals. Real-world data allows leaders to make informed decisions so they can improve their student’s success.

Changing How Education Is Delivered

If you want to create a positive impact for students and the community, you need access to the metrics that count. InnoTM is a valuable tool that simplifies the development of strategic planning for school board members. With the right data in hand, you can empower your school to reach its goals.

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