5 Latinx-led EdTech Startups to Watch in 2024

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As National Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, we’re reminded of the rich tapestry of stories, contributions, and innovations crafted by the Latinx community across myriad domains. 

One domain that stands out is Educational Technology (EdTech), where Latinx leaders are not only participating but actively sculpting pathways toward a future where technology enhances educational access, inclusivity, and resonance across diverse learning communities.

In celebration of Latinx entrepreneurship, we’re thrilled to spotlight five Latinx-led EdTech startups everyone should have on their radar in 2024. Each of these startups are not only breaking new ground in educational technology, but also embodying the crucial role of diversity in steering the industry towards an equitable and inclusive educational landscape.

  1. Certiverse
  2. ScholarLead
  3. Clayful
  4. Papaya
  5. Schola

Let’s dive in!

1.  Certiverse

In the educational technology sector, Certiverse is carving out a niche with its approach to creating high-quality certification exams. Utilizing proprietary technology and strategic crowdsourcing models, the platform focuses on developing exams that are not only rigorous but also cost-effective and mindful of environmental impacts. By employing robust psychometric standards and combining machine learning with contributions from experts in an asynchronous manner, Certiverse allows organizations to expand and diversify their subject matter expert pools, thereby facilitating the development of scalable and valid test content.

Founder and CEO Ruben Garcia guides Certiverse with a vision to replicate his past success for exam content development. The aim is to produce a marketplace where experts can contribute to industry exams asynchronously, thus reducing launch costs and introducing competition into the exam content creation space. In recognition of Certiverse’s innovative strides, the company was welcomed into the Google for Startups Latino Founders’ Fund 2023 cohort, highlighting its role in propelling the industry towards an equitable and accessible future.

2.  ScholarLead

Addressing complexities in educational administration, ScholarLead presents a web app that connects educators with families, simplifies task management, and efficiently organizes data. The user-friendly application streamlines the enrollment process, offering schools a coherent solution for engaging with their communities and managing operational tasks. The ScholarLead team, a blend of educators, designers, and advocates, is united by a common goal: Leveraging technology to enhance educational outcomes and improve school-family communication.

Under the leadership of CEO Uriel Berrum, ScholarLead was launched in June 2022, evolving from the digital enrollment endeavors of Berrum’s initial venture Identifying a gap in the market for a modernized enrollment solution after directing numerous parent-qualified leads to schools, ScholarLead was introduced with an intention to adeptly merge current technological capabilities with the pressing needs of educational institutions, aiming to facilitate better student outcomes and community building in the educational sphere.

3.  Clayful

In response to a prevalent mental health crisis, Clayful, under the leadership of co-founder and CEO Maria Barrera, provides scalable school-based wellness support via an app. Another recognized member of the Google for Startups Latino Founders Fund, Clayful partners with school districts to connect students with Clayful Coaches to extend personalized mental health support schoolwide. The initiative not only strengthens the overall capacity of school staff but also endeavors to reduce emotional burnout among teachers by offering a universally accessible and scalable Tier 1 intervention.

Through the app, students can rapidly connect with a coach, available before, during, and after school hours, ensuring consistent and reliable support. Each coach undergoes a meticulous vetting process, and interactions are monitored for safety and quality, establishing a dependable network for students to navigate their educational and personal challenges with an additional layer of support. Clayful isn’t just a platform, but a transformative force in edtech—redefining how educational ecosystems can proactively address student wellness. 

4.  Papaya

Founded by engineer Sandra Laplante, Papaya establishes itself as a vital marketplace, connecting students with STEM tutors who not only excel academically but also possess high emotional intelligence. This enables the creation of a learning environment where rapport and engagement are at the forefront, ensuring comprehension of complex topics through genuine connection. Papaya’s mission navigates beyond mere academic support; it aims to diversify and democratize the STEM world, particularly at the collegiate level, providing individuals with the confidence and tools necessary to pursue professional STEM careers.

The innovative concept of Papaya, blending emotional intelligence with technological convenience, not only meets immediate educational requirements but also nudges the edtech industry towards a future where technological solutions accommodate emotional and social educational aspects, ensuring a more holistic approach to learning.

5.  Schola

Navigating the educational landscape, particularly when it comes to choosing the right school, can be a challenging endeavor for families. Schola®, steered by CEO Jaime Martinez, offers a streamlined solution to this complex problem, connecting families and schools in a way that emphasizes the specific needs and aspirations of each student. Utilizing their ScholaMatch™ software, families can input a child’s grade, interests, hobbies, and preferred learning environment, and be matched with suitable schools in their vicinity. This mechanism not only simplifies the initial search process but also provides a meaningful connection based on individualized student profiles.

Support from Schola® extends beyond the initial match, assisting families throughout the entire application process, and ensuring that the path from selection to enrollment is as smooth as possible. The platform serves as a valuable tool for parents to learn more about potential educational settings and initiate contact effortlessly, with the ultimate goal of enrolling their child in an environment that aligns with their unique learning needs.

Honorable mention: Innovare

Navigating the complex world of educational data and technology, Innovare stands out by simplifying student performance analytics for educational leaders across schools, districts, and nonprofits. At its core, Innovare is about turning data into meaningful, actionable insights, ensuring every decision made is backed by accurate and understandable information.

The Inno™ Starter Kits, Innovare’s latest tool, are user-friendly templates that allow educators to swiftly plug in their data, providing an immediate visual snapshot of student performance. This isn’t just about numbers and charts; it’s about providing a simple yet powerful way for educators to interpret and act upon data, ensuring every student is guided toward a brighter, more inclusive future where their needs are truly understood. Led by passionate CEO and co-founder AJ DeLeón, Innovare is championing a future where data empowers, rather than complicates, the educational journey.

Final Thoughts

Diverse leadership, particularly in EdTech, does more than add a different voice in the room. It brings forth perspectives that weave a richer, more comprehensive narrative of our collective educational journey. It builds bridges that span across varied cultural and social landscapes, ensuring that educational opportunities aren’t just widely accessible—but also meaningfully impactful.

In elevating the narratives and successes of these Latinx-led EdTech startups, we do more than celebrate their triumphs: we underline the quintessential role of diverse leadership in carving educational futures where every student finds their place, voice, and path to success. Here’s to the changemakers, the innovators, and the leaders crafting not just a new chapter in edtech but erecting bridges towards a future where education is as diverse, inclusive, and boundlessly potential as our global tapestry of learners.

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