Why Educational Technology Can Increase Equity in Schools

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No two students are the same, which makes it difficult for schools to ensure everybody has access to a good education. By presenting all students with the same opportunities, schools can dissolve any barriers and reinforce learning. With the right policies and technology in place, schools can give students the support they need to become successful later in life.

Achievement, when reinforced with fairness, can be a powerful tool for educators to transform how learning takes place. This makes it essential to have policies and practices in place that will ensure all students have access to the same opportunities for learning and growth.

Being Fair and Impartial for Student Success

While there was a considerable focus on equality for students in the past, there has been a shift to a growing interest in the idea of equity. Equity recognizes that not everybody comes from the same background or experiences, which helps schools allocate resources effectively to those who need them.

Although equity is an important concept, it can be difficult for schools to effectively measure and gauge the success of their policies and objectives to that standard. By using educational technology, educators, administrators, and communities can work together to drive achievement in young learners, opening them up to a strong sense of purpose, greater confidence, and the understanding that everybody has the potential to do well in school.

How Do Education Tools Increase Equity in Schools?

Education technology has become a central focus for many modern educational institutions. With the right tools in place, educators can reduce the barriers to entry that often prevent their students from succeeding in the classroom. By leveraging computing hardware and software alongside policies focused on individual needs, schools can effectively distribute their resources to create viable opportunities for each of their students.

Improving student equity requires a dedicated support system and access to the right services. There are many education tools that schools can leverage to enhance student learning. Some examples of educational technology include:

  • Mobile devices, e-readers, and tablets
  • Cloud storage and computing services
  • Video conferencing and meeting apps
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Schools and their communities can leverage these technologies to ensure students have equitable access to their learning materials and lessons, no matter their situation or socioeconomic background.

A Modern Solution to Learning

Are you looking for an education intelligence platform that fits your school’s unique needs? Innovare is a leading education technology company dedicated to transforming the industry. We connect school administrators, teachers, and their communities so that everybody can work together toward student success.

Innovare provides management software for schools that allow administrators to refine their culture and drive achievement. Inno™, Innovare’s comprehensive education tool, gives leaders all they need to improve strategic planning, monitor progress, build team systems and structures, and manage portfolios. Innovare’s team collaborates with partners to support the creation of a rich digital ecosystem for learning.

With Innovare, schools have all they need to increase equity across their entire student body and deliver the best education possible to everyone.

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