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“With Innovare, we have access to a real-time dashboard monitoring our organization’s performance and the progress of the families we impact.”
Dr. Marla Dean
Executive Director @ Bright Beginnings, Washington D.C.
“I think other K-12 administrators should work with Innovare because you know you are working with people who have the same values, they care about students, they care about outcomes, and they value the leader and the leader’s time.”
School Principal, Chicago Public Schools
Understanding YOU.
We gain a deep understanding of your needs,
goals, data sources, and existing systems through our initial needs assessment
Your data, your way:
No more chasing after your fragmented data or
spending hours attempting to decode the information you need to access right away. We unify your data and customize your visualizations to meet your needs.
Beyond the data:
You now have the tools for a smarter strategy and cutting edge project management capabilities. Track your progress in real-time and effortlessly share your story of impact.
Welcome to our
Receive ongoing support, access to a network of social impact leaders, updates on best practices and how-to's, and be celebrated like the rockstar you are!


How many people from my organization should sign up?
One representative per school/district or organization can sign up and then they can invite other team members within the app.
How long does the free trial last?
The trial term is 14 days, but you can retain your access by purchasing a license within the app or by contacting us.
Will I receive support to select goals, build dashboards or onboarding/training on how to use the app?
Yes to all of the above. After signing up, you will be assigned a support leader who will help you and your team get started on Inno™️ and virtually support you and your team throughout your journey.
Are there any commitments during or after the trial?
The trial is commitment-free! However, we ask that you actively communicate with our team to ensure that you receive the best experience possible.
How is Inno™️ different from other services?
We are the only company that combines data, strategic planning, and project management into one tool while actively building your internal capacity in continuous improvement and supporting you throughout the process.
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