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Empower Your School Team To Achieve Classroom Success

Let Inno™ help you manage the implementation of your initiatives so you can spend more time with students and teachers
AJ DeLeón
Our theory of change is that if we provide K-12 #education leaders with a simple tool to manage their organizations then we will see a positive and sustainable impact on student achievement. ✏️ 📘💡


Of our customers feel more empowered as leaders

Inno™ is designed to give school leaders the confidence in their strategy and decision making with consolidated data on a personalized dashboard and best practice recommendations for strategic planning.

3 Unique Features
of Our App Inno™

Best Practices Bank

Inno™ recommends best practices from research institutions to save you time during the development of your strategic plan while increasing buy-in from your team.

Project Management
for Schools

Inno™ provides a centralized collaboration and goal tracking system that facilitates communication and increases alignment across often-siloed teams.

All The Data in
One Place

Inno™ organizes data from multiple sources into a personalized dashboard to easily review performance data and track trends at the school, class, and student levels.

It's Time For A Continuous Improvement Culture

Talk to our continuous improvement experts live to empower your team to achieve classroom success
Working with Innovare has strengthened my leadership by providing me with the tools to easily visualize, synthesize, and focus on what matters most - student outcomes and data. Being able to utilize real-time student data to implement timely supports has been a game-changer.
Jasmine L. Thurmond
Principal at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice, Chicago, IL
Awarded Administrator of the Year in 2021 by Chicago Public Schools